Stem cell research agree or disagree

Scientists largely agree that stem cells may hold a key to the treatment, and even cure, of many serious medical conditions but while the use of adult stem cells is widely accepted, many religious groups and others oppose stem cell research involving the use and destruction of human embryos. Until recently, the only way to get pluripotent stem cells for research was to remove the inner cell mass of an embryo and put it in a dish the thought of destroying a human embryo can be unsettling, even if it is only five days old. Most of them disagree with embryonic stem cell research, for obvious reasons because often the research will terminate the embryo if they're smart, they should have no qualms with regular stem cell research. Physicians who generally favor advancement of stem cell research in terms of its actual or potential benefits don't always agree on the ethical issues at the heart of the stem cell research debate, according to a recent survey commissioned by jackson & coker. The stem cell controversy is the consideration of the ethics of research involving the development, use, and destruction of human embryos most commonly, this controversy focuses on embryonic stem cellsnot all stem cell research involves the human embryos for example, adult stem cells, amniotic stem cells, and induced pluripotent stem cells do not involve creating, using, or destroying human.

The medical breakthroughs that will come from stem cell research could, effectively eradicate debilitating illnesses such as ms, cerebral palsy etc do you agree that stem cell research should be allowed to help to end these problems. Do you agree with stem cell research hi, i'm doing a survey for my year 12 biology assignment about stem cell research, and i'd love to know your opinion on the matter basically, stem cells are the only cells in the human body that have the ability to produce specialised cells that can then become almost any kind of tissue. Do you agree or disagree with the stem cell research why up until recent years, research into stem cells was focused mainly on embryonic stem cells, which involved taking tissue from an aborted embryo or fetus to get the most promising material for study. I only agree with research on adult stem cells while others don't agree with me, i believe a fetus is a living person it is a human being that deserves just as much of a chance at living a long life as you or i did before we were born.

Do you agree or disagree with the stem cell research why stem cell research is the process in which scientists use human cells in order to create new cells, examples including brain, nerve, liver cells, and some tissues stem cell research includes embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells although the research can be medically beneficial, i. One position that opponents of embryonic stem cell research assert is what the ethics of embryonic stem cell research calls the full moral status view (14) this view holds that the early embryo has the same moral status, that is, the same basic moral rights, claims, or interests as an ordinary adult human being. Stem cell research is just one example of the oftentimes difficult cost-versus-benefit analysis of potentially ethically ambiguous research projects which scientists need to perform though many of the controversies regarding the ethics of this research have been resolved, it serves as an example of ethical cost-benefit analysis. In 2001, the federal government authorized stem cell research there has been much controversy revolving around this type of research, especially the embryonic stem cell do you agree or disagree with the stem cell research.

Obama, pope benedict agree to disagree on abortion, stem-cell research in a reportedly cordial closed-door meeting at the vatican, the pope discusses his opposition to abortion and stem-cell research, views that obama, unlike his predecessor, does not share. Conclusion the stem cell-research is an example of the, sometimes difficult, cost-benefit analysis in ethics which scientists need to do even though many issues regarding the ethics of stem cell research have now been solved, it serves as a valuable example of ethical cost-benefit analysis. In order to provide fox news web site users with a better understanding of the ethical and moral debate surrounding stem-cell research, the editors and research department at the fox news channel. The debate on the morality of using stem cells derived from embryos for research into possible cures for grave diseases has important religious, political, economic and social implications. 3,obama is lifting ban on embryoic stem cell research only as adult stem cell research were never banned in the first place yup you are right bush did place a ban on embryonic stem cell research.

A stem cell is a cell capable of becoming another cell type in the body, such as a skin, muscle or nerve cell because of their ability to become different types of cells, they offer us the greatest potential to treat degenerative conditions and illness. Nothing has stimulated debate and controversy in america like the idea of stem cell research stem cells, which are often harvested from human embryos, have demonstrated the potential for a number of scientific and therapeutic purposes, from curing cancer and alzheimer's disease, to repairing damage to hearts, kidneys, and other organs. Do you agree or disagree that stem cell research should be prohibited argu1nentative essays mani stones, nepal an argumentative essay is an essay in which you agree or disagree with an issue, using reasons to support your opinion. I am diabetic i agree anyway, the research will hopefully find a better way to use the stem cells available without them belonging to a fetus.

  • Update: i need more answers lol im for stem cell research because it cures many diseases and can save many lives my mum has ms and stem cell might help her walk again i asked this question because i read and hear about people saying its a bad idea because of religious stuff :s and idk why it would be bad if its show more i need more answers lol.
  • The importance of stem cell research essay stem cell research is a topic almost everybody in the world has a viewpoint on many view the issue of stem cell research and stem cell therapy as morally wrong and a crime against humanity, others view the study of stem cells as the next step in modern science.

Sadly the term stem cell research has gained a negative connotation due to huge debate about using embryonic stem cells for research not many people realize that embryos are not the only way to obtain them, and non-embryonic stem cell research is still going on. There are two types of stem cells: embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells embryonic stem cells come from an embryo -- the mass of cells in the earliest stage of human development that, if implanted in a woman's womb, will eventually grow into a fetus. Conservatives wonder why so many liberals don't just disagree with president bush's policies but seem to dislike him personally the story of stem-cell research may help to explain. Stem cell research is a hotly debated issue on capitol hill and likely will remain so in the coming years however, federalism and the presence of wealthy donors have allowed several states and major academic institutions to bypass the nih entirely and function independently [ 14 .

stem cell research agree or disagree In the case of embryonic stem cell research, it is impossible to respect both moral principlesto obtain embryonic stem cells, the early embryo has to be destroyed this means destroying a potential human life but embryonic stem cell research could lead to the discovery of new medical treatments that would alleviate the suffering of many people.
Stem cell research agree or disagree
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